Welcome to the Korumburra Secondary College “Bring Your Own Device” Program.  To be part of the program you must accept and meet the following criteria:

1. Be a Student at Korumburra Secondary College.

2. Have your EduPass Username and Password. – This is available at the College when you have accepted your “ICT Acceptable Use Agreement” – Login to Compass to Accept this. 

3. Your computer must be running a 64bit version of Windows, Windows 7 SP1 or newer.  4gb of Ram and at least a Celeron Processor, and at least 128gb HDD.

4. The computer must have a battery that will last the day without needing recharging.

5. Your computer must be up to date with all Windows Updates and free of Viruses and Malware.

6. You must have completed the Netbook Software Setup Process as described below, if your device doesn’t meet these requirements it will be ineligible for use at Korumburra Secondary College.

Once you have met the above criteria you can proceed to downloading the required software to be able to operate at Korumburra Secondary College.

Please note that the “Netbook Software Setup Process” will take some time to complete.


Netbook Software Setup Process

Follow and complete each step below to ready your computer for use at Korumburra Secondary College.

 To complete the “EduPass Software Install” you will require your EduPass Username and Password from Step 2 above.

1.  Windows Updates

2.  System Software Install

3.  EduPass Software Install

4.  Antivirus

5.  KSC Wi-Fi Setup

6.  How to Access School Resources

7.  School Resources



  1. Windows Updates

Windows UpdatesMake sure all updates are installed, to do this click on the Start Button (Orb) usually located in the bottom left hand corner, Type in “Windows Update” and press Enter.

If there are updates waiting for install click on “Install updates” otherwise click on “Check for Updates” and install updates as received.



  1. System Software Install

On the device navigate to the following website:

From the “Pick the apps you want” screen, select the following:

Web Browsers: Chrome

Security: Malwarebytes

Runtimes: Java, .NET, Silverlight, Air, Shockwave

Documents: CutePDF

Once all are selected scroll down and click on “Get Your Ninite”


Ninite will download a file to your computer, once downloaded, run this file, once run it will start downloading the apps you have selected and automatically install them.  Click here for a quick video tutorial..



  1. EduPass Software Install

Using your EduPass credentials login to the EduStar Catalogue and download the required titles below:

for assistance on downloading from the EduStar catalogue please refer to this video demonstrationClick Here

EduStar Catalogue:


Please circle “Y” for each software title after install and bring this form when presenting device for System/Software check.



Student Name:…………………………………………………………………………………………


Date Completed:……………………………………………………………………………………….


Software Title Installed
Paint.Net  Y / N
System Centre End Point Protection  Y / N
Pivot Stick Animation  Y / N
Free Mind  Y / N
MS Office  Y / N
VLC Video  Y / N
CutePDF – Installed with Ninite (System System Software) Y / N
Scratch  Y / N
Wolfram Mathematica – Please Read BYOD instructions  Y / N
Google Sketch Up  Y / N
Comic Life  Y / N
Screen Marker  Y / N
Pencil  Y / N
GeoGebra  Y / N
Movie Maker  Y / N
Inkscape  Y / N






  1. Antivirus

You MUST have an up to date Antivirus with at least a 12 month subscription, if you don’t, please remove it and download “Microsoft System Center Endpoint Protection” from the EduStar Catalogue, unless you have Windows 10 installed then please make sure Windows Defender is up to date.

Please run “Windows update” (Step 1) again after installing all software items from the table above.



  1. KSC Wi-Fi Setup

Once you have completed steps 1 – 4 you are now ready to have the KSC Wi-Fi installed on your computer.  Please take your computer to the ICT Office(KSC Library) where they will run a system/software test to make sure your computer meets the requirements as outlined in steps 1 -4 above.  A “Pass” of the test will result in the Wi-Fi network “EduStar” being installed and the device ready for use at the College.  Please do not remove the “EduStar” Wi-Fi Profile from your device!




  1. How to access School Resources

Now your computer is setup and working at Korumburra Secondary College you can proceed to start using all resources that KSC extends towards your education.  You will now have 2 user accounts for use at School, see the table below for what each account is used for.


EduPass Account                                            School Account

EduStar CatalogeOffice 365 – Email, One Drive Compass, Home Access Plus – File StoragePrinting


Compass is our one stop shop for information and links to all things school related.

Compass                            –

Inside Compass is the “School favourites” menu (Select the STAR in the Top Menu Bar) from here you can directly access:

Office 365                           –

EduStar Catalogue           –

Home Access Plus            –

Manga High                        –

Maths Space                      –

Web Print                            – http://7960fs-2:9191/user




  1. School Resources

Email:                   Email is available through Office 365

File Storage:        File storage is available through Office 365 and Home Access Plus, please note that Home Access Plus will eventually be phased out in favour of Office 365 online storage.

Printing:              Printing from a BYOD device will be done via Web Print. Web Print is only available at school and will require you to login with your School Account and to upload a document to one of the many available printers.  Click here for a Video Demonstration.