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Synopsis of the play:

The future is steampunk! Space travel has become normal and the Earth realms guard their borders from neighbouring forces trying to encroach on Earth’s domains. Queen Evaline struggles to keep peace as resources are scarce and there are foes within her own court trying to undermine her and insight a war which would lead to her downfall. Captain of the Guard, Aeon Vega, is returning from a skirmish with the pirate vessel ‘The Scarlette’ and the elusive Captain Lyra.  Aeon faces losing  control of Queen Eveline’s fleet to her manipulative Advisor, Jonty. The Lady Serene, Aeons betrothed, has discovered the very path that may save them all. Dark forces are moving through the galaxy and the Pirate Ship ‘The Scarlette’ faces a treacherous journey to collect ‘the seven’, harness their collective power and restore balance before war breaks out. This is ‘The Seven’ and the Galaxy is running out of time.