VET DSS – Vocational Education and Training Delivered to Secondary Students

  • VET is a nationally recognised training course designed to develop industry specific knowledge and practical skills
  • Certificate II or III level is usually offered
  • VET courses are accepted as units of work in both VCE & VCE VM. However VCE VM students must complete 2 VET credits at Cert II level or above – the equivalent of 180 nominal hours.
  • The South Gippsland Trade Skills Alliance (in conjunction with the LLEN) help KSC offer a range of VETDSS courses run at local RTOs such as TAFE Gippsland, AGA or CCG
  • It is possible to attend another provider, but transport & cost requirements should be factored in
  • At KSC, a student combining a VET course with their VCE VM studies ultimately takes on a greater workload and it is their responsibility to meet the attendance requirements for both courses and to keep up with the additional workload
  • Students who attend VETDSS classes must be aware of the adult learning environment they are entering into and discuss the rigors of the course during course counselling
  • To complete a second year of VET
     students must satisfactorily complete the first year
  • Some VET courses will have additional costs such as tools, uniform, materials, etc.
  • The total number of VETDSS positions offered will be determined by Korumburra Secondary College


SBAT - School Based Apprenticeships & Training, as part of the Headstart Program

  • Undertaking an SBAT involves a student being engaged in their studies well as being employed and paid on a part time basis within the relevant trade industry
  • Students will be enrolled a Nationally recognised qualification
  • An SBAT can contribute to the VCE -VM completion, however more days out of school requires a higher level of student commitment
  • Typically, students would spend 1-2 days on the job during the normal school week
  • If this is the path students wish to undertake, they will be required to enter into a formal training contract with an employer and the principal or principal’s delegate.
  • KSC has the regular services of a HEADSTART Coordinator at our school to help students find out more about this valuable program. Contact the Senior School to find out more.

More information can be viewed within our  VCE VM School Subject Handbook.