VET (Vocational Education and Training)

What is VET?

VET (Vocational Education and Training) is about giving students the opportunity to study their VCE or VCAL and at the same time study for a nationally accredited certificate in a chosen area at a TAFE college or any other registered provider. It also involves students experiencing work placements alongside their study. This hopefully will assist students to gain employment.

Courses Available

VET Courses come in many forms and industry areas. The only limits are cost and access. Courses that are on offer at any given time are subject to interest and funding so to find out what is offered locally, click on the following link:

For options outside the South Gippsland and Bass Coast local government areas, a comprehensive list of courses, providers and costs can be found at:

Or see the VET Coordinator to discuss your options.


Why has VET come about?

With the decline in the youth labour market and interest in keeping students at school to the completion of Year 12, there has been a push to enhance students’ employment opportunities in areas not catered for in the mainstream VCE curriculum. Studying VET is also a compulsory part of completing your VCAL and links directly to the ‘Industry Specific’ strand.

It is a nation wide development given impetus by the Federal Government.

VET is also a response to changes occurring in the economy and society, global changes in labour markets, industry and employment, and increases in part- time and casual work.

What benefits are there in completing a VET course?

– It broadens the existing curriculum with the introduction of areas like building & construction, engineering, hospitality, automotive studies, information technology, agriculture, sport and recreation, retail and electronics.

– It gives students more experience in the world of work

– Students actually gain real workplace and industry competencies

– Workplace learning can enhance a student’s self-esteem and confidence

– Through VET in school programs, students will hopefully fast track into employment

What is a School Based Apprenticeship?

A School Based Apprenticeship or Traineeship (SBA) involves a student being engaged in their VCE or VCAL as well as being employed and paid on a part time basis within the relevant trade industry.


A School Based Apprenticeship or Traineeship is just like a full time Apprenticeship but is done in combination with school – part time.

To obtain a SBA, is the same as getting a full time Apprenticeship. Sometimes you apply for advertised vacancies, sometimes your work placement employer might take you on, sometimes you might know someone who wishes to employ you. Parents can employ their children on SBA’s.

There are subsidies for employers who agree to take on a student as a SBNA. To find out more talk to the VET/VCAL Coordinator or go to:

Work Placement

This is encouraged for VET students at Korumburra Secondary College and is a compulsory part of the VCAL Certificate.

Work placements provide students with the opportunity to try different occupations, develop their employability skills, seek out employment opportunities and link classroom learning in a real life context.

If you are interested in doing a work placement and it is not a compulsory part of your study, talk to the work placement coordinator at the school.