Year 7-10

At the heart of our educational philosophy is a belief that all students should be given the opportunity to embrace a range of curriculum options in order to experience a broad and comprehensive education, commencing from the start of middle school and well into senior school. This philosophy helps to ensure that students are able to make well-informed decisions in the range of Year 11 and 12 streams, as well as providing good foundations for future employment.

KSC is committed to providing all students with a broad range of educational opportunities, regardless of cultural, educational or economic background, with a firm belief that our positive engagement and supportive environment enriches the experience of all students.

The commitment to high level academic achievement, strong community attitudes and equal opportunity is a recognition of the needs and aspirations of our region and of the emphasis that the college places on these aspects.

We seek to create a culture which engenders in each of our students an expectation of achievement. The challenging educational environment is delivered by a highly professional and dedicated staff.

Parents of students in grade 6 who are looking to attend KSC can find out more information on our transition program by viewing our Year 7 Transition Page.

The Years 7-8 curriculum is divided into a diverse range of subjects, and can be viewed within our Year 7 Handbook PDF.

The Year 9 and 10 curriculum can also be viewed within our Year 9 / 10 Subject Handbook PDF