Remote Learning and Covid-19

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Remote Learning and Covid-19

At Korumburra Secondary College, we have risen to the unique challenge that the Covid-19 pandemic has presented to all learning institutions.

As always, our main priority is the wellbeing and education of all our students, and to that end we have undertaken a number of important steps to ensure that we are able to continue to provide a high level of education to our school community, despite the early closure of schools.

In the past week, our staff have been hard at work developing a remote learning platform for their classes, utilising Microsoft Teams (Office 365). Many of our classes in the last few days have been dedicated to this platform, with students logging in to ‘team areas’ for each of their classes, practising online meetings and video-conferencing.

In conjunction with the existing Compass School Management platform, which will continue to be a portal for communication, submission and scheduling of tasks, the learning programs being developed within Microsoft Teams, Mathspace, Edrolo and so on will enable students to attend classes remotely, converse with their teachers, obtain regular information, and even undertake assessments.

This continued dedication to our students is especially important with regard to our senior cohort, those students who are attempting to complete their VCE and VCAL studies in circumstances that have never before been experienced.  In order to provide the best possible opportunities for our students, our senior teachers and leadership have been developing a wide range of teaching methods to both engage senior students and enhance learning within an online learning space.

Our teaching staff across all levels are dedicated to continuing the school year, in whatever form it takes and ensuring that students and parents are never left wondering about what work they should be doing, and how well they are doing it.

Should the school closure continue beyond these holidays, our school community can rest assured that KSC is ready and able to continue the education of all our students.

What to Expect in Term 2 if Closures Continue

If the worst happens, and school closures continue beyond these holidays, our intention is for the following to take place :

  • All students will have a timetable, and will be expected to be available for remote classes at the time they would normally attend.
  • Normal attendance will take place and parents will be notified if their student has not logged in for a required lesson.
  • Students will log into Teams for their class, and their teacher will be available to outline lessons, provide information, and answer questions via Teams chat and videoconferencing.
  • Class work will be set and tracked within Compass Learning Tasks as with any normal class.
  • Teachers will use a variety of teaching methods to keep students actively engaged.

What can Students Do To Enhance Their Learning?

  • Be on time for lessons, be respectful of their teachers and fellow students.
  • Ensure they know their passwords and are able to log into Office 365, Teams and Compass. If they don’t, then they should visit our help page HERE.
  • Continually check Compass Learning Tasks and submit work on time.
  • Communicate with their teachers, especially if unsure about something. There are no silly questions.
  • Contact ICT on
    if they have any ICT issues.

What can Parents Do To Assist?

  • Ensure students adhere to their timetable, and are present for remote classes.
  • Provide a quiet space (where possible) to attend online lessons
  • Remind students to check Compass on a regular basis and take note of important deadlines.
  • Contact the school on
    if there are any questions or concerns.